Why OneSmart Communications

Our mission is simple.  Take an industry where so many customers are unhappy, and find a way to improve their success with the tools they want and need.

We started this business, because we saw so many customers walking out of deals unhappy, but signing because they didn't have a choice.  We heard the reviews and the phone calls, the dropped calls, and the poor customer service.  We saw and hear it all. We started by asking one simple question, rate your customer experience from 1-10 with your telecommunications company.  The responses were, not surprising, always less than 7.  More often than not, they were often 5 or less.  We knew that we couldn't change these mammoth companies.   We knew that we likely couldn't improve their customer service centers.  However, we did know that we could insert ourselves in a way that would educate and buffer our clients from the worst of it.  And thus OneSmart was born.  Over the years we have been the conduit between communications vendors and customers.  Enterprise to small mom and pop shops across the US.  Our goal, bring the tools you want and need to clients and give them a customer service experience second to none.  


We hope we can count you as our next success story!