About Us



Founded in 2008, OneSmart began as a conferencing services provider, specializing in best of breed solutions for business.  Since then, OneSmart has expanded well beyond just traditional conference solutions into a Technology Services Distributor of telecommunications, network, and cloud services. The company has built a solid reputation with its partners and end-user customers as a successful and high integrity company that protects its relationships and exists to serve their needs and the needs of their customers.

Today, OneSmart is focused on empowering and educating our client base by assisting business telecom and cloud technology customers in making informed choices about services, technology and cost savings; increasing their purchasing power; protecting their contracts and increasing their revenue opportunities. OneSmart delivers the best carrier neutral solutions to end-user customers through its Partner community – a select global network of the top industry telecom providers.


We strive to deliver exclusive advantages to our clients using only partners within our network of telecommunications relationships who meet the highest standards of quality.  Our goal of providing best-of-breed suppliers, products, and services; coupled with our customer service driven methodology gives our customers an experience second to none. Our goal is to provide a tailored experience for our clients that meets their needs.  We educate, inform, and bring the best solutions providers to the table to help customers make the most informed decisions.  We make every effort to raise the standards of how business telecommunications services and cloud services are bought and sold – for the benefit of our end-user customers.

At OneSmart, we are customer-centric and driven to go above and beyond. We are passionate about providing a secure and enjoyable experience for our clients and employees. Overcoming challenges, maximizing relationships, and setting higher standards.  We seek to improve the standard of excellence.